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Women's Relaxed Fit Sweatshirt

The perfect fall & winter staple - the Niphals sweatshirt. Made with 85% organic, ring-spun combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester, these women's long sleeve sweatshirts strike a perfect balance between coziness and stretchiness.

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Feel Your Hair Become Softer & Silkier

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Stay Warm and Well-hydrated

We've got some great products that will help you stay warm and well-hydrated while still making sure your body gets what it needs. Each of these products serves a different function in your wellness regimen.

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Niphals Donation Cards

Perfect as a simple thank you card, give to family, friends, Pastor, member of your congregation, coworker, neighbor, employers, employees, or to mark an occasion as get well, sympathy, bridal shower, new born, birthdays, and anniversaries. It can ONLY be used at our online store.


Winter is Coming

Sweat Shirt

Perfect fall & winter staple

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Excellent Product

has purchased a Aloe Vera Herbal Soap

Gave my wife a bar of your soap and she was impressed by the way it smelled and how it felt on her face.

John Allen

Highly Recommended

has purchased a Hair Strengthening Butter

I love this product. It helps grew back my daughters hair and stop the excess shedding. It is amazing!

Isata Jalloh Kallon

Amazing product

has purchased a Colon Pancreas Liver Cleanser

"Niphals is an amazing company that offers excellent products. I’ve begun using both Iron Galore and Colon, Pancreas, Liver Cleanser. Thus far, they have been effective in elimination. The products are accomplishing their objectives. Additionally, and very important to me is the fact that customer service is “A” class. I highly recommend Niphals and their products."

Cher Sorzano


has purchased a Herbal Bergamot Hair Strengthening Butter

Thanks again for the Herbal Hair Dress it works miracles , this product healed my scalp issues and also I suffer from extremely dry skin. Please continue to make more products. You're the Best!!!

Tracey S


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